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Main and Mulberry Podcast

Main and Mulberry: Podcast – w/ Dr. Hunter Brewer, Trinity Church PCA

Dr. Hunter Brewer, pastor of Trinity Church PCA, explains how, in Tennessee, there seems to be a church on just about every corner. However, he contends that there are still many people there who haven’t found their church home yet. Dr. Brewer...

Main and Mulberry Podcast

Main and Mulberry Podcast – July 02, 2020 (w/ Shamichael Hallman, New Direction Christian Church)

Transcript: KE: Welcome everyone to this special edition of Main and Mulberry. Typically you have Anna Bell with you, but I am joining today as we move into a holiday weekend and I have a very special guest with us from Shamichael...

Main and Mulberry Podcast

The Issues of Today

Today's symptoms are a problem, but not THE problem. Join us as we speak with Highpoint Church's Lead Pastor Wil Franco regarding racial tensions, protests, and more in this impactful episode provided by Tour Collierville.   Full Transcript is below: KE: Hi...

Main and Mulberry Podcast

Cast Your Cares

In reference to current racial tensions, Christians should consider James 1 and be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Jason Stockdale of Grace Hill Church in Collierville, TN provides wonderful consult for these trying times. Transcript: AB:...

Main and Mulberry Podcast

Church and Social Restrictions

Main and Mulberry Podcast - Episode 1 w/ Rev. Jim Holland, St. Patrick Presbyterian Church Congregations everywhere have been asked to celebrate their faith and worship from home, during stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19. On this episode of the Main and Mulberry...

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