Main and Mulberry: Grindstone – Bart Horton, Century Farm Winery

Have you visited the vineyards of Century Farm Winery in Jackson, Tennessee? We spoke with the owner, Bart Horton, about his family's history producing and selling wine, and Bart explains, although a catchy name, being labeled a Century Farm is more than...

Grindstone, Main and Mulberry Podcast

Main and Mulberry Podcast – July 7, 2020 (w/ James Taras, Jim’s Place Grille)

Jim's Place Grille is a restaurant that has been around since the early 1900's, but even James Taras, nor his family, has witnessed anything quite like this. Listen to a discussion about how this beloved family business is continuing to serve their...

Main and Mulberry Podcast

Wal-Mart Has Never Given Me Free Pudding

Just the other day, I was at a local meat market, Thomas Meat and Seafood, in Collierville, TN. As I shopped, Chris Hughes, the store proprietor, rolled out a cart from the back and started handing out items, such as meat and...

Grindstone, Main and Mulberry Podcast

Fond of Fondren

Have you heard of the Fondren District? Of the Mississippi Food and Wine Festival? Basil's? Restaurateur Nathan Glenn gives us the low-down on one of Mississippi’s most-beloved areas. Hear all about the Fondren District and some of Jackson, MS’s best burgers on...

Radio Show

In Case You Missed It: A Recap of Our First Five Episodes

We’re out of town this week, so we put together a mash-up of some of our favorite moments over the first five episodes of Main and Mulberry Live. In this episode, hear about Collierville from the perspectives of James Taras of Jim’s...

Radio Show

Hands Free Driving & A Local Meat Market

Thomas Meat & Seafood Market & Catering stops by to talk about the difference between buying goods from a meat market vs. a grocery chain. Town Alderman, Maureen Fraser, fills us in about the new “Hands Free” driving law in TN.

Radio Show

Modern Restaurants Meet Small Town Tradition

Host Keith Essary and Co-Owner of P.O. PRESS Public House & Provisions discuss modern restaurants coming into the Historic Town Square. Collierville’s Director of Economic Development, John Duncan, weighs in on increased dining traffic into Collierville from Memphis.

Radio Show

Jim’s Place Grille and the Houston Levee Corridor

Director of Economic Development, John Duncan, discusses the longtime development of the Houston Levee Corridor with Host Keith Essary and James Taras of the local favorite Jim’s Place Grille.

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