The Original Bee’s Wax Polish

The Original Bee’s Wax Polish, a growing small business, has been around since 1974 but is more popular now than ever. Owner and operator, Danny Harris, explains why his product stands the test of time with its countless uses – from furniture, to counter tops, to even your car’s windshield. A great interview and success story, there’s also a special offer for Main and Mulberry listeners at the end!

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Full Transcribed Interview below:

AB: Hello everyone! I’m Anna Bell and thanks for tuning in to another episode of Main and Mulberry. Today we have a special guest with us, Danny Harris. Danny is with us today to speak about one of his most interesting companies, The Original Bees Wax Polish. Danny, welcome.

DH: Thank you for having me.

AB: Absolutely. So I understand that Bees Wax is quite the success story when it comes to a growing small business. How did you get into this business?

DH: Well, we started about five years ago, started a website selling the product. My wife had been using it for years and it’s really was an amazing product. And so we started a website and started selling it about five years ago. And the previous owner of the company, just turned 81. And he, last year, decided that we were doing such a good job on our website selling it, that he wanted to give us an opportunity to possibly purchase the company. And we worked out the details of it and signed a contract on June 30th last year. So it’ll be our first anniversary here in June, next month.

AB: Oh, that’s so exciting. What a great story. Let’s talk a little bit about the product. No my research shows that people love this product and they use it, you know, well beyond furniture polish. So what can you tell me about its uses and just what makes it so special?

DH: Yeah, it’s certainly an amazing product. If, you know, it says it’s a furniture Polish on the label, but it’s really a multi-use product. It just has a myriad of uses in your, all around your house and, and in your car. Uh..

AB: Oh, stop it. Wait for your car?!

DH:Yeah, it works on your car too.. on several surfaces. So, you know, you can honestly clean wood furniture. You can clean furniture that is stained or not stained, natural furniture. It works great on that. We have a lot of woodworkers that buy our product and use it, but it also works on stainless steel appliances. It works on your kitchen counter tops, any kind of Formica or Corian or any kind of stone countertop, marble, granite, quartzite.. it really just does a wonderful job on those services. You can take it into your bathroom and it cleans your countertops in your bathroom. We recommend putting it on the tile in your shower. Believe it or not!

AB: No, get out! Okay. That’s great!

DH: Yeah, it helps prevent soap scum buildup. Uh, one of the major.

AB: Interesting!

DH: Yeah. And you can put it on your shower door. For example. it cleans glass. It cleans mirrors. It’s a great glass cleaner!

AB: Okay. So you’re already replacing a lot of the cleaning products that I have in my house right now!

DH: And everybody walks around their house with a little caddy, with eight different cleaners to clean their whole house. All you need is one can!

AB: This one can! Oh I like that! Tell me, Danny, what are some of the ways that you personally use this awesome product?

DH:I put it on my windshield. You can put it on the outside of your windshield and you can put it inside your windshield and it fog proofs, in the winter and stuff and you can’t see. It’s so, it’s so cool. It’s great for that! Of course it’ll fog proof your mirror in your bathroom as well. So if you have a foggy mirror..

AB: That is so awesome!

DH: and you have to wait on it to un-fog, you can put it on there and it will, it will help a lot.

AB: So for all glass surfaces, is that correct?

DH: Yes. Yeah, we actually recommend putting it on glass to start with, just to see how crystal clear the product goes on. The key to it is that it’s smudge proof. It’s virtually fingerprint proof and you know, like stainless steel appliances came out and everyone was just so fired up because they had to, you know, I’ve got to get stainless steel. They were like, the kids, I have to clean this thing 10 times a day.

AB: Fingerprints! Huh?

DH: Everywhere! What do I put on all my stainless steel appliances? This product solves that problem!

AB: Oh, I love it! That’s awesome! It sounds like we can all benefit by having some of The Original Bees Wax Polish! So Danny, tell us what’s the best way to purchase a can or maybe two?

DH: You can purchase it on our website, which is

AB: Okay, perfect! Shop you heard it here! All right, well we appreciate your time and your insight so much, Danny. Thank you!

DH: Well, thank you. Anna Bell! I enjoyed it. Appreciate you for having me.

AB: Absolutely! Until next time, I’m Anna Bell.

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