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Main and Mulberry: Live – July 12, 2020

Collierville, TN: An update on new retail, restaurants, and road repavings in Collierville, TN. The panel, including Collierville Vice Mayor Maureen Fraser and Collierville Economic Development Director John Duncan, discusses how towns with big-box retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target, are experiencing...

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Wal-Mart Has Never Given Me Free Pudding

Just the other day, I was at a local meat market, Thomas Meat and Seafood, in Collierville, TN. As I shopped, Chris Hughes, the store proprietor, rolled out a cart from the back and started handing out items, such as meat and...

Radio Show

Local Businesses Are Adapting

On this week’s show, Host Keith Essary speaks with the owner of Pimentos Kitchen + Market about his business’s adaptations to the current environment. Collierville Town Alderman Maureen Fraser discusses elected officials' role in determining shutdowns and quarantines, and Collierville Town Economic...

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Welcoming New Businesses

Which businesses are you waiting for? The panel entertains a discussion about which businesses might be looking to target suburban markets, like Collierville, TN.

Radio Show

New Businesses in Town

Host Keith Essary and Main and Mulberry regulars, Collierville Town Alderman Maureen Fraser and Collierville Town Economic Development Director John Duncan discuss the newest businesses in Collierville, accompanied by a feature from Greg Brooks and Brooks Billiards & Gameroom Gallery.

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Retailers and “Main Street”

Collierville Town Alderman Maureen Fraser and Collierville Town Economic Development Director John Duncan join Main and Mulberry to talk about the upcoming local shopping season and the effect that larger retailers have on "main street" shops and businesses in small towns like...

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Built Ford Tough

Don Kitchens, co-owner of Landers Ford in Collierville, TN joins Main and Mulberry Radio to discuss last week’s WGC Fedex St. Jude Invitational, courtesy vehicles, and a new Ford vehicle coming out later this year. In addition, Collierville Town Alderman Maureen Fraser...

Radio Show

In Case You Missed It: A Recap of Our First Five Episodes

We’re out of town this week, so we put together a mash-up of some of our favorite moments over the first five episodes of Main and Mulberry Live. In this episode, hear about Collierville from the perspectives of James Taras of Jim’s...

Radio Show

Hands Free Driving & A Local Meat Market

Thomas Meat & Seafood Market & Catering stops by to talk about the difference between buying goods from a meat market vs. a grocery chain. Town Alderman, Maureen Fraser, fills us in about the new “Hands Free” driving law in TN.

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